Lee Lee’s Hot Kitchen

Is Lee Lee’s Kitchen Hot… or not? I’m sorry, I have a lame sense of humor. BTW, the answer is NOT.

Lee Lee’s is a new-ish Chinese restaurant near the Citadel. We have tried it twice, and both times we left literally saying, “Blech!!!” I insisted we try it a second time because I had heard such great things about this place – they got rave reviews from week one of opening. Perhaps we ordered wrong?

Round 1: we got the Sichuan wings and ginger beef. I can’t thoroughly describe these because it was awhile back. When I asked my husband if he remembered what they tasted like, he responded, “No, I tried to block that out.” I do remember the wings having a strongly unpleasant taste. Like, I couldn’t eat them. And that never happens.

I also remember that for the shared main course, we were left making our own sad little mix of white rice, soy sauce, and chili paste (the last two of which we had to ask for just to import some flavor other than ginger).

Round 2: we got the wonton soup, crab rangoons, and salt and pepper calamari and shrimp to share. First two were very average, if not below average. And we ain’t picky about our rangoons! For the main dish, we knew we would get this before we arrived because the waitress on our first visit said it was the best dish on the menu. God, I hope she was wrong.

They had options of salt and pepper shrimp OR salt and pepper calamari. I asked if we could get both. Waitress said yes, failing to advise of the significant upcharge. Then the dinner arrived. I almost laughed. It was heavily breaded, deep fried seafood with no sauce. Literally what you would get if you ordered a seafood platter at a seafood restaurant, minus the delicious fries and tabasco.

So we had (yes, they were salted and peppered as the name suggested?) fried breading and white rice. We found ourselves, again, requesting soy sauce and chili paste for sad “stir fry.” I picked out the few sautéed peppers/onions and wouldn’t eat more of the seafood. Again, a meal I wouldn’t eat. I think the only two times this has happened in Charleston were both at this restaurant.

Sorry to give such a scathing review, but it was just so bad. Even the hubby said, “I want to go write a review for this place!” All indignant-like. He so cute.

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