Garcia’s Tortilla House

There’s nothing like a one year hiatus! Whoop whooooop! I’d like to say I was super busy this past year, but I’ve mostly been content and lazy.

We have now lived in Charleston for two years!!! I guess we aren’t really “newlyweds” anymore like my bio states.  I’m still utterly in love with this city – and with my husband ha.  However, I’m constantly at a loss for words when people ask me where to eat in Charleston.  Um, genre? Price? Classic or trendy? Area of town???? Before I know it, I’m sweating with anxiety. Must. Give. Good. Rec.

In summary, that question is starting to elicit the same response as when people ask me where to eat in New Orleans, the answer to which is, “How long do you have???”  This is further complicated by the crazy boom of restaurants in this city.  The growth here (on every level – seriously, check out the housing market) is insane!  Which means that when I go to The Eater Charleston hottest restaurants list, I usually don’t recognize half of the names.

Well one of those names on the list (as of September 2015), I can totally recommend: Garcia’s Tortilla House.

Garcia’s Tortilla House – Fancy level: crazy casual/sweatpants acceptable; Money: $20 dollars for two people’s tacos!; Ambiance: I just said you can wear sweatpants, so you can guess.

Geoff and I take Mexican food pretty seriously.  It’s our usual go-to after we spend an hour discussing other options.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – give me cheese and refried beans and I’m pretty much a happy camper.  Well, lately, I’ve found I have a wee bit of a dairy intolerance.  Also, some new study told me it’s NOT healthy to consume 1 pound of liquid cheese in a sitting.  Rude!

Anyway, we ordered a few tacos from Garcia’s – without cheese, and I didn’t miss it at all.  What is amazing about these tacos is, for once, the tortilla!! You can see them making them while you eat.  And they are the star of this taco.  Usually, places give you a great filling and a sad, grocery-store-bought tortilla.  Not this place.  These tortillas are pillows of deliciousness.  I immediately asked a worker, “Do y’all sell these tortillas?” Yes, they do! I know where I’ll be stopping on our next Mexican themed cook night.  (And I’ll also stop next door at Veggie Bin, as I do at least twice a week, for some complimentary veggies. SHOP LOCAL.)

My one pic of our tacos looks pretty sad – but tacos are hard to photograph, people!!!


We got two of their specialty grouper tacos and one carnitas taco with refried beans, grilled veggies, cilantro & onion.  My ONE regret is they don’t have legit hot sauce – at least have a good selection if you don’t have a homemade one.  They had Valentina only.  Next time, I’ll be bringing one from our collection at home —- we LOVE hot sauce.

I got a definite family feel at this restaurant.  As in, the worker could answer all the questions I asked and also openly encouraged us to come back.  They are new, and though they are on the hot list, we all see a lot of restaurants here that don’t make it.  I sure hope they do!  And if I must eat tacos to support the local economy, that is a cross I will bear.


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