39 Rue De Jean Midday Snack/Happy Hour

Geoff and I had the most lovely happy hour at 39 Rue de Jean.  No, they didn’t have a happy hour special, but we just couldn’t resist the outside seating, French bistro style, for a glass of wine.  We were there around 4:00, so the place was pretty much empty.  After ordering wine, we looked at the menu for something to nosh on.  Bowl of mussels?  Sold.  My favorite food memory from my summer studying in Lyon, France (and there are many) is a giant bowl of mussels with a big hunk of bread or french fries for sopping up the sauce, served with a crisp beer.

We ordered a bowl of Moules Mariniere, which is the mussels in the white wine, parsley, and shallot sauce.  A bowl of this is $9.99 – and there is an even bigger size if there are more than 2 people.


This was definitely 10 dollars well spent.  These mussels were incredibly good.  They also served it with complimentary bread and butter, which I successfully stayed away from.

While I can’t attest to the main courses at 39 Rue de Jean, the mussels and the overall atmosphere definitely won me over.  You really feel like you are sitting at a charming bistro in France.  The decor is spot-on and relaxed.

Geoff enjoyed it, too. 🙂  We’ll definitely be coming back for more.


39 Rue de Jean on Urbanspoon



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