Mama Kim’s

I cannot stop thinking about the delicious food I had at Mama Kim’s recently.  I woke up thinking about it last night.  Wandering downtown on King Street, trying to find somewhere to grab a late bite, Geoffrey wanted to go to Mama Kim’s.  I was reluctant, thinking this was a run-of-the-mill Chinese joint (which I love, but delivered to me in bed).  Also, I like to be waited on when I eat out.  This place involves ordering at the counter.

Man, was I wrong!!! This place actually is not Chinese, but mostly Korean.  Korean meat is the jam.  The guys working the counter were awesome.  We did not know what to order.  But we specified it be spicy! What we got was Spicy Pork Bolgogi, which is deeeelicious marinated grilled pork, torn into tiny pieces with a delicious spicy sauce.


This was seriously one of the best things I’ve eaten in Charleston since I moved.   It was deliciously spicy – we added hot sauce but would have been just as happy without.  For you weenies out there, you may wanna order it mild.  It came with fried rice (you can get plain white if you prefer, but why would you prefer that?), and a variety of side dishes, like pickled veggies and bean sprouts.

At around $17.00 per order, it seems like an expensive order (and most dishes were around that price).  But this easily serves 2, with seconds for both people, or leftovers if you are into that sort of thing.

I can’t WAIT to go back.

Update:  I went back.  Well, I picked up food and took it home.  The meat was so fatty, I couldn’t even eat it.  It was seriously just pieces of fat.  I could only eat the rice and veggies.  For $17, I expect a decent serving of meat.  So, I have to edit this review to say that I suppose the deliciousness we had here last time is inconsistent.  Wahhhh.

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