Cute Food for Valentine’s Day

This morning, I remembered why I don’t make pretty food.  I am bad at making pretty food – piped icing is the first example that comes to mind. Despite all my instincts telling me not to fall for heart-shaped food, I just couldn’t resist!  Pinterest was filled with heart-shaped foods to make for your lova.  I attempted (and failed and re-attempted) heart shaped bacon and a heart shaped breakfast sandwich.

Actually, I really shouldn’t hate on the bacon.  It was delicious (shocking) and so easy.  Directions: shape bacon into heart and bake at 400 degrees.  If any of you aren’t baking your bacon, you need to start yesterday.  So much easier, cooks evenly, and no splatter.  But then you don’t have delicious bacon grease on the stove top to cook your other breakfast deliciousness in.



If you want a tutorial beyond “shape bacon into heart and bake,” go here.

Now for the Valentine’s Day Toad in a Hole (or whatever you call it).  This looked so simple and so wasn’t that it was quite humorous.  I destroyed about 9 eggs to get one adequate looking one in the hole.   However, it was cute, flaws and all.


I loved this play on a traditional Toad in a Hole.  Rather than having one slice of toast with an egg in the middle, you basically grill up a sandwich, then cut the hole (here, a heart) out for the egg.  Tip:  Stick to cheese or jam or something easy in the middle of the sandwich.  My first attempt had ham in the sandwich, and it was way too hard to cut out the shape cleanly.

Valentine’s Toad in a Heart – originally from this site

Make a grilled sandwich as you normally would.  I buttered the outside pieces of the bread and put mild cheddar cheese inside the sandwich.  Grill as normal.  When you flip your sandwich to grill the second side, leave it less than fully toasted, as it will cook more when you add the egg.


Remove from grill and attempt to cut a heart out from the sandwich.  A paring knife would work best, I think.  I tried an all-utility knife and then a serrated knife, and neither worked perfectly.


Return sandwich to the grill, with the more toasted side facing up.  Add your egg.  This is soooome tricky!  If you are buying eggs for this project, buy smaller eggs.  My first sandwich had such a jumbo yolk that it swallowed the whole heart.  Another tough part is making sure your egg white doesn’t spill over onto the sandwich, which makes it soggy and gross.

For best results, separate an egg yolk from the egg white.  (I would also maybe make a little egg wash from the egg white to make it less difficult to spread in the heart.)  Carefully put the egg yolk into the center of the heart – I broke my first yolk, of course.  Fill the rest of the heart carefully with egg whites.  Cover your pan and finish grilling until the egg is cooked.

Serve sandwich with the little cut-out heart and your heart bacon!!


Admittedly, it was totally worth the effort when I saw Geoff’s face.  It was so cute.

However, I am so thankful to be going OUT to dinner for Valentine’s Day.


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