The Grocery

For restaurant week, Geoff and I went to The Grocery with my cousins.  I had previously been here, but I only had a drink and a bite of someone’s fried okra with buffalo sauce and blue cheese.  I knew then that I’d be returning.

For restaurant week, it was 3 courses for $30.  Geoff and I shared this set menu, but we also got the duck wings.  How many times have I mentioned wings on this blog thus far?  But these were duck, so it doesn’t count.  Oh my, the wings were soooo good.  They are twice cooked (“fried” is all you need to know) and topped with a sweet and sour chili sauce.


For the set menu, we started with the piggy plate, which has a variety of cured meats, pickled veggies, toast, and ground mustard.   I haven’t met a meat or cheese plate I didn’t like, and this was no exception.


Next, we had a very interesting pasta dish called Lamb Sugo – tagliatelle pasta, lamb ragu/sugo, feta, and pistachios.  While very tasty, it was not the highlight of the menu.  But I had never eaten anything quite like it, so that was positive.


OMG dessert.  If dessert was not included in restaurant week, we would not have gotten to try this deliciousness.  We just don’t get excited about desserts like we do about other foods.  But this… this was awesome.   It was Churros (fried dough) with three dipping sauce.  If I can’t have beignets in this town, Churros is an awesome alternative. 😉


The three sauces were salted caramel, vanilla bean creme anglaise, and orange chocolate. The first two were awesome – the chocolate was a little too bitter for my taste.  This was probably the highlight of my meal.   Also, the bread they bring to you before.  Mmmmm. And the wings.  And… you get it.

Here are a few other pictures of food.  It’s good to eat with family because you can insist you snap a picture before they eat their food.   Here is the bread, beef tongue, chocolate peanut butter pie, and a goat cheese panna cotta.


If anyone is debating going here, I definitely recommend going.  While not every bite was out of this world amazing, overall it was great food.  Also, I loved the casual ambiance for such good food – minus the poor child who puked next to us.  How good was the food? That totally didn’t ruin my appetite.  But, I’m not sure anything could ruin my appetite.

This would also be a great place to come and sit at the bar, have a yummy drink, and share an appetizer from their bar/”snacks” menu (the menu the duck wings came from).   Great for a first date!

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