Bay Street Biergarten

Recently, a new beer garden opened on East Bay Street called Bay Street Biergarten (context clues, people!!).  Fun types of beer and a fun atmosphere for watching the game – lots of televisions with different games playing.  They also have a beautiful outside deck with a large TV for days when it’s pretty outside.  The biggest novelty is that there is a row of tap beers lining the back wall, so you don’t have to fight to get the bartender’s attention (I’m very short) for a brewsky.

We came here to watch the first Saints playoff game.  WHO DAT.  Update: poor Saintsies.


First, the biggest con: the price of the beer.  Geoff and I drank over fifty dollars JUST in beer.  I’d honestly say a full size pint (they give you smaller glasses) would average around $10.  I enjoy a good beer, especially on tap, but I’m not breaking the bank for it.

Anyway, we also ate dinner here and were surprised how much we enjoyed it.  Being a few beers in didn’t hurt, either.  The menu was reasonably priced, and everything we tried was quite good.

We started with pig wings.  Yes, I know you know we love wings.  I talk about them enough.  But these were really pork shank, not a chicken wing, and were more similar to eating the meat off a rib.  Man, they were tender and delicious.  Came clean off the bone.  I could totally get into this type of “wing.”  It had a buffalo sauce on it (or you could get maple jerk or Beerbq sauce) but was not overpowering.  Just meaty deliciousness.


For our main meal, we shared Freaky Fries and a Hot Italian Brat.

The Freaky Fries were fries topped with a cheesy bechamel sauce (Mornay) of smoked gouda and a demi-glace (read: delicious gravy).  You could get tots instead of fries.  I normally don’t like liquid things on my fries like cheese sauce.  But these sold me.  Sooo good and fattening and worth it.  And they gave you a lot.


Finally, we shared the Hot Italian Bratwurst, which comes on a pretzel bun.  What is up with these pretzel buns everywhere?  Doesn’t anyone remember, “These pretzels are making me thirsty!”? I’m parched just thinking of pretzels.  This dog was good, but not insanely good.  But hot dogs for me are how most people feel about burgers or pizza – even a bad one (not that this was bad) is still pretty damn good.  Also, this one came with tater salad.  I’ll take it!


All in all, for good bar food and a beer, I definitely recommend this place.  For a night of drinking?  Not so much, unless you’re treating me.
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