Sewing Pillowcases

If you are interested in sewing and want an easy peasy and fun first project, decorative pillowcases are the answer.   I seriously sewed one up in the time it takes to drink a cocktail.  I know this because I did it while my husband and his friend had a pre-bar cocktail at my house.  While they went out, I had a wine and sewing night. I’m caaarazyyy like that!  These blissful kind of nights are what my friend Liz and I refer to as “spinster nights.”  Food, rom coms, wine, no boys, bubble baths – whatever your heart desires.  I ate so much spaghetti, and no one was there to see it.  🙂

Anyway, these pillows were also crazy cheap.  I got the funky fabric and down pillows/inserts on sale (for about 6 bucks total) in New Orleans at The Creole Cottage.  And boy did they come out cute.  This is a lot of color and pattern for me – I’m really a neutral kinda girl – but my house was getting a little toooo neutral.  So this pop of color looks fantastic, especially on the cream sofa.



Here is a back view of the envelope pillowcase.


For the tutorial to the pillowcase, head on over to DIY Kinda Girl.

The only thing I will add are cutting instructions for pillows that are not 20″ squares:  For any other size square pillow, add 1″ to the size pillow (check the tag) for cutting your main square.  So for a 12″ pillow, one of the pieces to cut will be 13″ x 13″.  For the other two pieces (which are the same size as one another), the length will again be 13″ (12 +1), but the width will be shorter than 13.  These will be the two pieces for the envelope side of the pillow.  I recommend doing the number equal to your other size cut-out dimension, in this example 13, adding 5″ and divided by 2, rounding up to the next whole number if necessary.   Here, 18 (13 +5) divided by 2 is 9″.  So my pieces to cut out would be 1 piece that is 13″x 13″ and 2 pieces that are 13″ x 9″.   I hope that makes sense.

I promise the hardest part is figuring out the pieces you need to cut and cutting them.  Otherwise, there is just a little sewing which is minimal and very easy – straight line sewing woo hoo.

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