DIY Reversible Superhero Cape

If you’ve ever visited my site, you probably have heard me mention my two toddler nephews whom I’m obsessed with! They are both two years old and bring so much joy to the Jones family.  Well, the older one Casey has recently become fascinated with costumes, thanks to Halloween.  I asked him what he was going as, and he responded, “Costume!”  He went as spiderman and loved it – though he demanded a costume change before the night was out.

I found this awesome tutorial for sewing a reversible superhero cape and made them for the boys for Christmas.  I did one side Batman and one side Superman.  Perfect for a costume change!  I was still shocked at how much the boys loved these capes.  Casey was running around in only his diaper and cape, YELLING, “BATMAN CAPE! BATMAN CAPE!!!”  Pretty cool.


For the instructions, go here for the free pattern/template for the Batman and The Flash logos and here for the free pattern/template for Superman logo and the actual cape. This site contains the detailed instructions and tutorial.  Yes, I know it’s spread out, but all in all, you get a free pattern and detailed tutorial!

These were easy to make, though a little time consuming.  Here is Lawson, my awesome godson, modeling each side of the cape.


Did you know superheroes play musical instruments?


They also chase each other through kitchens.


And race up stairs.


And completely melt your heart, cape or not.



Ugh, I miss them already.  I sure wish my siblings and I lived in the same state.  Maybe one day 😉

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