Christmas Stocking Tutorial

And the Christmas crafts continue!!  I finally completed our Christmas stockings.  This is a high quality, sturdy stocking – it is lined and also has batting.  You don’t want a sagging stocking! I used this tutorial, which I HIGHLY recommend.  Free pattern and picture tutorial.  The very best combo.

Head on over there for all your instructions.  The most time consuming part of this tutorial is cutting out all your fabric.  Otherwise, all I will add is that I sewed a full 1″ seam allowance for my cuff – otherwise, the cuff is too wide for the body of your stocking.

My stocking is the cuter one, obviously – the candy cane and peppermint one!  I picked more masculine-looking fabric for Geoff.  I’ll have to hand embroider our names on… Maybe next year.  🙂

IMG_6205                 IMG_6206

As you know, I live in a teeny tiny house (an old kitchen house).  Therefore, our stockings are hanging between two windows.  It was either that or over our beds.  Which would been pretty cool to wake up to.


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