Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

I finally made a cute Christmas tree skirt! Last year’s skirt I sewed was cheap-o looking.  While looking through a fabric store, I randomly came across this red and gray plaid flannel and thought it would be a great Christmas fabric that wasn’t overly cheesy.  Not that there is anything wrong with cheesiness for Christmas.  This article perfectly sums up my feelings on Christmas decorations: “If you’re doing seasonal decor right, it’ll look like a reindeer barfed on your doorstep.”

I found this simple tutorial for sewing a tree skirt.  Though there is not a free pattern like I usually like, a pattern would make things more time consuming here.  Trust me.

Again, I will not reinvent the wheel by copying all the info on this tutorial.  Seemingly Smitten has perfectly detailed instructions with pictures!  If you want this to be your “forever” tree skirt, I suggest substituting the “lining” with another fun fabric.  Then you will have a reversible tree skirt!  My lining was plain green felt, so if I am ever in a somber Christmas mood (gasp!), I can flip it to that boringness.

I did a glittery gold ribbon for the bows to offset the country-ness of the plaid.



Mr. Tabasco Man gave his approval.


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