Sewing Christmas Goodies

It’s my favorite time of year – CHRISTMAS!!  Who will ever forget that feeling of digging under a tree for presents and trying to figure out what they are?  Or listening to your mom play carols on the piano? Or re-enacting the nativity with your extended family and fighting over who can be Mary and baby Jesus?  Ok maybe that one is just my family.

One thing I believe is that Christmas should not be fancy.  (But to each his own.)  I like messy Christmas trees with colored lights and handmade ornaments… I still don’t know what to do with those fancy Radko ornaments I’ve gotten.   I like silly Santa wreaths and heartwarming decorations.  I just can’t get the same feeling from a Pottery Barn Christmas display.

I always get to sewing around Christmas.  Stockings, Christmas tree skirts, Christmas baby clothes…  Sometimes, they are not pretty.  Last year, my stockings were tee tee tiny and ridiculous.   But there is something you get in making it yourself.  An extra Christmas joy!

I am always looking for easy, basic tutorials online with a free printable pattern.  You do not need to be a master seamstress (I’m looking at you, mother) to sew these.  I highly suggest investing in a basic sewing machine and some introductory lessons.  Because sewing is SO fun and rewarding 😉

The websites I use have such great tutorials, I won’t knock them off here by copying and pasting all instructions.  I’ll just share my faves with you.  Today, a Christmas (or anytime) outfit for a baby boy or toddler.

Bow Tie Onesies – free pattern and tutorial at Schwin & Schwin

This is one of the cutest, easiest things to sew.  You buy white onesies (short or long-sleeved) and sew a simple little bow tie on them.   It really doesn’t get easier than that.  AND it’s a BABY in a BOW TIE – come on.

Simple Baby Pants – free pattern and tutorial at Make Baby Stuff

I like to sew some baby pants to go with the bow tie onesies, using the same material.  It is a more finished look than a baby running/crawling/rolling around in a onesie, not that I mind that adorable sight.  Chunky legs preferred.

(I do not sew the cuff and pocket on these pants.  I keep it very basic.)

Ok, so I made two outfits for my new nephew Lincoln.  One Christmas outfit and one Clemson outfit (parents are big Clemson people).


Here is my stuffed animal Laurie wearing the Christmas outfit.  He was a little stocky for it.



Happy sewing!

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