Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar

I first went to Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar for their happy hour (M-F 4-7:00).  Their happy hour is limited to the bar area, which is very nice.  They feature $2.00 Yuengling draft, $3.00 liquor drinks, and oyster shooters.  They also have some food on their happy hour menu.  We went mainly for some raw errrrsters.


They were as good as they looked.  No grit, meaty, and delicious.  We also tried their jumbo calamari, which is a very different take on your normal fried calamari.  It featured long strips of calamari, rather than the popular rings and tentacles (I love crispy tentacles).   It was topped with bacon, corn, onion, tomato, and a heavy dose of lemon aioli.  It was delicious, but extremely heavy.


My cousin Ali cat got the mussels.  I had a bite of them – they were tasty but not memorable.


Well, Geoff and I recently popped back in to watch a little bit of the Saints game at the bar.  We shared some appetizers from the main menu – boiled shrimp and she-crab soup.  The shrimp were delicious and fresh.


But, OMG, their she-crab soup.  It was probably the best she-crab soup I’ve ever had.


The soup was not too thick and didn’t taste entirely of heavy cream like a lot of cream based soups.  They did not skimp on the crab (but I would still like more – can you ever have enough crabmeat?), and they topped the soup with some sherry.  Overall, it is just everything you could want in a she-crab soup.  I liked it so much that I emailed them to see if they’d give me the recipe, a la Lisa Jones (my mommy) style.  No response yet.  I figure it’s a longshot, but I WANT that recipe!!

I really try not to hit the same places often, so I can experience as many places in Charleston as possible, but this soup will be a regular in my belly.  If you come in town, I suggest just popping by here for a beer and a cup of soup.  It’s right near the market, so it’s in a great location.  Just do it.


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