Fall Saturday in Charleston

I finally broke down and got a bike! If anyone has been to downtown Charleston, you know there are bikes evvvverywhere.  Annoying for drivers, but I’ll hop on the trendy train.  It’s also super convenient for me, living downtown.  I bought an old bike off of Craigslist and completed it with a little basket!  I’m in love.  I like to ring the bell at people. Image

This is my bike, just hanging out on King Street while I grab a brew. 🙂

I rode my bike over to the battery area, checked out Rainbow Row, and just meandered around.


Next, I stopped at the Farmer’s Market to meet my friend Sarah.  At the market, I tried my first King of Pop, these popular popsicles you see all around town.  Restaurants carry them, too.  I had the Strawberry, Basil, and Ginger Pop.  It was so good and refreshing!  I’ll be ready to eat more when it gets warm next year.


King Of Pops on Urbanspoon

After walking around awhile, Sarah and I picked up some Roti Rolls for lunch.


I have been hearing a lot about this food truck.  Roti Rolls have an almost soft taco-like Indian bread as their base and are filled with various toppings.  I hate to be the dissenter, but I was not very impressed.  The roti base was not very flavorful – I would rather a basic tortilla.  It was filled with a good amount of liquid from the toppings, which turned the roti base into soft mush.

I had the curried vegetable and pickled beets roti roll, topped with a daikon slaw.  Sarah had the shrimp and grits one.



They did have some cool in-house sauces like a sweet Habanero.  And I dug this little sign.


I’ll give this place a second try.  Sometimes, you need to try things twice!

Roti Rolls on Urbanspoon

If you do want some yummy prepared food at the Market, I definitely recommend Hot Links for a delicious hot dog with freshly made sausages. (This was from our previous Market visit.) They even make vegan or veggie dogs, not that I’ll stray from a good ole meat one.


We had the Pork Bierwurst with grilled onions and peppers and topped with ground mustard and some cool ketchup they had.  It was omg awesome.  I am a sucker for a hot dog, though.


After we hit the market, Sarah and I met our friend Franz to watch some football. Go Hokies?? Bye weeks are weird.


We went to Kickin’ Chicken, Mellow Mushroom, and a new awesome beer garden called Bay Street Biergarten! I can’t wait to fully review it because it was really cool.  Beer pulls at each table.  A whole wall with beer on tap that you can pour yourself! You insert your credit card and pour how much you want.

Successful day!!  Geoff was in Columbia for the football game, and I had a nice spinster night at home after my adventurous day.


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