Black Tap Coffee

It’s sad it’s taken me this long to write about my absolute favorite coffee shop in the city (yeah, like I’ve been to them all) – Black Tap Coffee.  It is on Beaufain, right down the street from me.  Speaking of Beaufain, I thought I finally found a Louisiana-style street name I could pronounce.  Well, it is apparently “BYOO-fain.”  No.

Anywho, this coffee shop is so adorable!  It’s a mix of modern and country.  Clean lines with lots of wooden  and black & white accents.  The music playing today is like a folkier Willie Nelson.  I’m not cool enough to know hip artists’ names.


They have delicious pastries provided by WildFlour Pastries.  I love how coffee shops here will provide local outsourced baked goods.  Ham and cheese croissant – do it.


Now to the best thing about this place – the cofffffeee (cue Carrie Bradshaw: “I have an addiction, sir!”).  They use the pour-over-coffee method, so don’t get impatient waiting for your cup of jo.  I knew this place was a winner when the owner didn’t even hesitate when I asked for a cafe au lait. (Aside: the owner’s wife is from Morgan City – yay Louisiana)


This cafe au lait is one of the BEST I’ve ever had.  I’m in love with this coffee.

Because I can work from wherever I want, I am posting up shop here today.  Doesn’t my office look fine?  Visitors are welcome by pretend appointment only.


Black Tap Coffee on Urbanspoon


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