Old Charleston Jail Tour

On the night before Halloween, Geoff and I took a night tour of the nearby old Charleston jail.  This jail operated from 1802-1939 and held prisoners of war in the Civil War.  It is supposed to be haunted now, so the tour runs at night.  This made the tour eerie (not scary).  It did not make for good pics. 🙂  I always take dozens of pictures at supposedly haunted places, just hoping to catch something scarrrrrrry.  No luck.


That is Geoff saying, “NO more pictures.”

So the coolest story of the jail is about Lavinia Fisher and her husband, who occupied the jail.  Lavinia is considered the first female mass murderer in the US.  Lavinia and her hubs owned a little hotel and would kill the guests by poisoning their tea.  She is said to haunt the place.

This jail tour was fun.  Would be a great date spot following dinner.  I wouldn’t recommend it if you are in town for only a few days, but it’s definitely a fun thing for locals to check out.  It’s called a “haunted tour,” but it’s really more of a historical tour – so it’s not cheesy.



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