DIY Child Safari Vest

With Halloween coming up, I’ve been thinking of some easy DIY costumes.  For my nephew’s second birthday, we went on a Safari Tour in Folsom, Louisiana (highly recommended!), so I made him the easiest and cutest little Safari Vest.   It takes under 30 minutes to make.

This would be very cute for a last-minute Halloween costume.  I used this website as my tutorial, which has great step-by-step pics.  I did not take shots of the project while I was making it.  Things are much harder to explain in words than to show by pictures, so if you get confused, head on over to that website for pics!

Safari Vest 

Items needed:

  • Brown paper grocery bag
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil or pen
  1. Cut the handles off of your grocery bag
  2. Lay the bag flat on the floor, with the open part of the grocery bag (where cut handles were) nearest you.  The top side facing you is the all flat side (which will be the front of the vest), and the bottom side facing the floor has the extra flap that expands the bag when opened (which will be the back of the vest).
  3. Next, trace a V at the top center of the bag and trace two armpit holes on the top right and top left corners.  You will then be able to see the shape the vest will make.
  4. Cut directly up the front seam with scissors.  Start at the bottom, between where the handles were and cut all the way up the middle until you reach your drawn V.  Then cut the shape of the V you drew.  Also cut out the armpits you drew.  You can either double cut – cut the front and back part of the bag together.  Or you can simply cut out the front and then free-style cut the back side, which is what I did.
  5. Open up your bag, so the flap is now expanded.  Now, you will just cut at the top straight across that flap (which is normally the bottom of a grocery bag) in two straight lines, continuing from where you ended your “v”.   When you reach the end of the flap, simply cut a little scoop neck for the back of the vest.  Turn your vest inside out now!
  6. Take your scraps (or an extra bag if you have) and cut out two long rectangular strips for your pockets.  Fold each strip into thirds, and round off the top flap of the pocket.  I made a faux pocket and glued it shut.  Make sure your pockets are uniform to one another.  I drew a little dot to resemble a button on each pocket.
  7. Glue your pockets to the vest.
  8. Personalize your vest – write the child’s name above a pocket and add any extra flair you want.



Admission: in order to get Casey to wear this paper vest, I bribed him with candy.  The glories of being an aunt.


For the final touches of this outfit, accessorize!  Here is Casey modeling his vest with a giant snake!!




Also, to complete the outfit (I was lazy), you should really accompany this with some cargo or khaki shorts and a safari floppy hat!  Finally, you can make some really easy binoculars out of two toilet paper rolls!  See the instructions here.

Even without these extras, the vest was super cute alone.  We had a great birthday celebration at the Safari!!


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