An Afternoon on Sullivan’s Island

So Geoff got the job he has been wanting!!! It may have taken a few weeks, but we are both officially employed at jobs we want in a new town!  When he found out the great news, I knew we had to go celebrate immediately.  We decided to make an excursion to Sullivan’s Island, an affluent but quaint beach community right by Charleston.  The impetus for this excursion was Poe’s Tavern, the best burger joint for English nerds.  Edgar Allan Poe was stationed at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island for a little over a year.  Some of his short stories even feature the town.

Poe’s Tavern is filled with Poe photos and memorabilia.  The burgers on the menu are named after his works.  The walls of the bathroom are lined with ripped pages (ahhh!) of his works.  Talk about bathroom reading!


As for the food, I had been here before, but it had been awhile.  I had convinced myself, logically, that maybe I just liked this place because of the Poe stuff.  Nope.  The food is delicious.

We started off with the queso con chili.  Just a litttttle chili and delicious white queso.


Next, Geoff and I shared the burger of the day.  It featured a burger topped with fried mozzarella, basil, and a thin spread of marinara.   I don’t even need to tell you how good this burger was.   Cooked perfectly medium.  This burger can stand on its own, Poe distractions or not.

IMG_5439 IMG_5440

Look at that oozing cheese!  My kind of cheeseburger.

Also – the fries.  In an age of double fried fries, duck fat fries, truffle oil fries, etc…, these basic fries just killed all those fancy kind.  Geoff kept saying it was like McDonald’s fries but better.  Normally, comparing something to fast food is not a compliment.  But this was a compliment.  They were crispy crispy and thin.

If you are in the area or want to make a quick trip to the beach while in Charleston, come check out this place.  Great bar to sit at, really neat patio, and friendly people.  I really wanna come back soon to try their fish tacos, which looked scrumptious.

Next, we walked on over to Dunleavy’s Pub across the street for a pint.  Well, it was supposed to be just a pint.  Then, Geoff saw they had wings.  We are still on the search for the best wings in Charleston, and more generally, we have a wing addiction, so we had to get a small order to try.


We asked for the hottest they had.  This place grills their wings instead of deep frying them.  Sauce is put on them on the grill, so it’s not technically a dry rub.  But it’s not covered in sauce like you are used to.

These are nontraditional, but delicious, wings!  Grilling them gives them a nice smoky taste.  Not our favorite kind of wing, but these are legit.   Wings are $0.40 on Wednesday from 5-10 pm, btw.   This place only takes cash, which is a pain in the butt (and their in-house ATM conveniently charges $3.00).  This place wasn’t the grungy pub I was hoping for, probably because it is on Sullivan’s Island.  It is more restaurant-y and family-friendly.

We capped off our afternoon with a little walk on the beach.



(This is Geoff’s go-to beach or water pose.  How cute is he?)

Then, we went back home for a nice long nap with full bellies.  Perfect day.

Poe's Tavern on Urbanspoon

Dunleavy's Pub on Urbanspoon


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