Pizzeria Di Giovanni

Best cheap date night ever.  This place has authentic, NY style pizza.  My basis for calling it “authentic” is one trip to NY I made years ago – I’m not even sure if I actually ate pizza there.   Regardless of my lack of expertise, this is thin-crust pizza that isn’t overly crispy.  In other words, it is perfect for folding and eating.  I never was a big “fold my pizza to eat” kind of gal.  That leaves less bites to eat the pizza.  But now I’m coming around.

Giovanni’s only has a few options – pizza or calzone and limited toppings.  For five dollars, you get a slice of pizza and a soda.  And by slice, I mean this…


Do NOT ask me if I finished this – you should know the answer to that.  But, like I said, it was really thin crust! 😉  This is my hubby’s favorite pizza joint, and I can totally see why.  For such a cheap and delicious meal, it is very hard to resist going here more often.

Geoff and I had the nicest date night.  We walked from our house to the market, where this Pizzeria is located.  Then, we continued on to the Charleston Waterfront Park.  There are swings facing the water you can watch the sunset on.  And water fountains you can play in – we skipped this part, unfortunately.

This would be great for a first or second casual date or a group date.  Unless you’re the type that eats salads on dates.  It’s just in a great area of town to walk around and explore.  Hop on over to The Griffon for a pint or go to Market Street Sweets to sample some pralines and share a bear claw.


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