Mummy Pumpkin Craft

You are never too old to do arts and crafts.  Just do it with a glass of wine, and, voila, it’s an adult activity.  I really like the idea of carving pumpkins, but when I am elbow deep in pumpkin goo and roasting the unappetizing pumpkin seeds, I always ask myself, “Why am I doing this?!?”

This year, I wanted to decorate a pumpkin for my little patio that didn’t involve this mess.  I found the perfect project on Pinterest – the Mummy Pumpkin!!


What you’ll need:

  • 1 package of cheesecloth
  • artificial pumpkin
  • fabric stiffener spray (aka starch)
  • scissors
  • glue (i used tacky glue)
  • set of googly eyes

Cut cheesecloth into 2×12-inch strips.  This does not have to be precise. Basically cut long and narrow strips.


[Yes, this is my bed.  My husband lets me craft in bed while watching Say Yes to the Dress or What Not to Wear on tv.  Man is a saint.]

Apply fabric stiffener, spraying it all over the strips until wet, and apply them to the pumpkin, leaving the top and bottom of the pumpkin uncovered. Let dry.


Continue doing this with the strips until the pumpkin becomes more covered.  Go over the first layer of strips with a second layer to give it a thicker, gauzier look.  If you find the strips to be too hard to handle wet, cut them into less long strips.  There is no art to making this mummy.  Just spray the cheesecloth and lay it on the pumpkin.  Let dry.

Next, hot-glue eyes to the pumpkin.


Cover each eye diagonally so a little of each eye peeks out.  Continue covering the pumpkin with the cheesecloth until you have the look you want!  Let dry.


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