Poboys and Gumbo in Charleston?

I had heard bad things about Louisiana food in Charleston (to be expected – they have their own yummy food).  During one of my first visits to Charleston, my cousin who has lived here around 25 years spontaneously volunteered the following information: “If you see ‘poboy’ on a menu, do NOT order it! People here use a hot dog bun for a poboy!!!” Oh the horror.  Another cousin said that the gumbos here are like tomato stews.  Hmmm.  Anyway, I was expecting to be making all my own cajun food.  (This was not helped by the bad beignets I had at the farmer’s market).

Well lo and behold, there is a place in West Ashley that imports Leidenheimer bread (the ultimate poboy bread made only in Louisiana).  Geoff and I made a trip to this place, The Glass Onion, to further investigate.  Oh my, this place made me very happy.  Yes, I could have nitpicked about all the small things that were a little off.  But overall, this place did Louisiana proud.

First off, this is not a Cajun restaurant.  They have other things on their menu, but I had to try the gumbo and poboy.  The menu overall looked really cool.  It is the farm-to-table type restaurant that is ever so popular these days, so their menu changes slightly day-to-day.  They are well known for their fried chicken on Tuesdays, which you have to reserve in advance.  We’ll be coming back to check this out.

Anywho, back to LA food.  The fried oyster poboy.


Look at that glorious Leidenheimer bread!!!! For those of you not familiar, this bread is crusty, light, and chewy all at the same time.  It is the best poboy bread.  I’ve looked into importing it myself to SC.  Fat kid.

All in all, this poboy certainly did the trick.  Again, if I was being overly picky, I could complain that they used Bibb lettuce, not shredded lettuce, and tried to put tartar sauce on the poboy.  The waiter looked alarmed by my facial reaction to him saying “tartar sauce.”  Poboys should always be “dressed,” which means lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and possibly pickles.  Then add some Tabasco and you are good to go.  Oh Lordy, I want another poboy now.

We also ordered the chicken and andouille gumbo.  Look at this roux!


This gumbo really hit the spot.  The chef used a strong herb in it (I couldn’t put my hand on what it was) that was a little overwhelming, but otherwise, it was perfection.  A hug in a bowl.  It’s probably good it was just a tiiiny bit off, or I would be frequenting this place far too often.  Sitting alone in a corner.  Eating my gumbo.

We also got 2 of their $0.75 deviled eggs, which were so good.  And they give you a little bit of complimentary corn bread drizzled with honey.  🙂


Go to this place.

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