Tattooed Moose

I’ve been wanting to visit Tattooed Moose in Charleston since I saw it featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  They are known for their burgers, duck fat fries, and various other delish sandwiches, like the Duck Club and Thanksgiving Leftovers Sammy.

We started off with the $0.50 wings, a happy hour special on Mon-Sat from 4-7pm.


These are the traditional Buffalo wings.  Not too spicy, tasty sauce, and lots of sauce.  Geoff and I always order the spiciest wings possible, so we almost forgot what traditional wing sauce tasted like.  These were very good, despite the lack of spice. 😉

Next time we go (and we WILL be going back – Geoff complains I don’t like to go back to the same places), I will be trying the happy hour special for the corndog basket – 2 fried corndogs with some “special sauce” for $2.50.  If you haven’t heard, LSU fans are said to smell like corndogs.  To that I say – Not true, but if it were, everyone likes corndogs.  I am not even a fan of cornbread, and I like corndogs.

Next, Geoff and I shared the Moose Burger and a side of duck fat fries.  The burger is a basic beef burger featuring a garlic aioli and their “special sauce.”  We got ours with smoked cheddar.  It was a really legit burger!  As in, when I have a burger craving, I will be coming to Tattooed Moose.


The kaiser bun was really good and toasty.  You can also add pork belly or bacon to your burger.  I wanted to try it basic to see if it was really good or not.  When you add pork product, of course it’ll be good!

The fries were also really good.  Not only were they crispy and fried in duck fat, but the potatoes were not peeled before cut, so some fries had those crunchy brown sides to them.  The fries were served with garlic aioli (fancy mayonnaise).

For drinks, we ordered the happy hour specials of $2 PBR (not knocking PBR, but should it ever be more than $2?) and $2 Yuengling.

My friend Sarah swears by their roasted garlic and blue cheese fries – fries topped with blue cheese sauce and a bulb of garlic confit.  Again, we wanted to stick to basics on our first visit, but we’ll definitely be going back for more!

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