Friday Night Fun

We had quite a night last night in Charleston – we hopped around to a bunch of places and had some really yummy food and drinks.  I’m paying for it today a little bit.  But I’m sitting in bed with some tasty Charleston Exchange beer (Coast Event Horizon Cascadian Dark) and leftover chicken and andouille rice, watching football on tv, so I really can’t complain.  Speaking of, GEAUX TIGERS!!! and Geaux Gamecockies.

First, we started at Fuel Bar.  We had fun, but they have an uninspiring/kinda expensive “happy hour.”


Next, we went to Warehouse on Spring Street.  OMG this place had awesome food!  It reminded me a lot of Dante’s Kitchen, one of my fave restaurants in New Orleans.  A lot of fresh veggies, yummy pickled veggies, and other delish fresh options.


For the unhealthier options (which Geoff and I steered to – surprise surprise), Warehouse has four grown-up grilled cheese sammies!  We shared the one with house made chorizo, manchego cheese, tomatillo crema, avocado, and chipotle jimaca pico.


This was the best fancy grilled cheese I’ve ever had.  Perfect for sharing. Served with local pickled veggies – I think there was some spicy jalapeno in it.

I will try all the other fancy grilled cheeses! One has jarlsberg and beef brisket, another has bacon and smoked pimento cheese, and the fourth has brie, pesto, and griddled mushrooms. MMMMMM.

Our friends got really good meals, too – the fall veggie plate and steak.


Ok, of course the steak, served with beer battered onion rings, was delicious. But most good restaurants serve a great steak.  The veggie plate??  Oh my, so good.  It featured a “filet” of butternut squash, mushroom and jarlsberg bread pudding (it was really more like a pan fried veggie stick), and a whole grain mustard Hollandaise drizzled over the plate.  It was so rich and flavorful, you didn’t even realize you weren’t eating meat.  This was so good, I wish it hadn’t been a special.

I am so very thankful for friends who are willing to pass plates for tasting.  My family has a rule that no one can order the same thing at a restaurant, so we can taste as many things as possible.  My brother Jimmy and I, who have similar food likes, would always race through reading the menu and call “shotgun” on the best sounding dish before the other could.

Warehouse also featured a lot of in-house made sausages and delish cheeses.  Is there anything better than a meal of meats, pates, cheeses, and pickled veggies with crusty bread and creole mustard??? No.

Go visit this place. It was awesome.

Later, we went to The Grocery for a cocktail.  Someone at our table ordered a yummy okra dish.  This was on their limited bar menu.  It was called buffalokra.


This yumminess is fried okra with buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and celery.  It had a little too strong taste of vinegar.  But a neat concept for fried okra.  I love okra.  Maybe I should make an okra gumbo soon?

I’m looking forward to coming back to really eat at The Grocery. I’ve heard awesome things about it.  They had a wall of pickled veggies, too.


Our Friday night was a definite success!!!

Warehouse on Urbanspoon


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