Beer Snobs

Today’s post is about glorious beer.  We have gone to some really cool places with craft beer since we’ve been here.  Numero uno is Charleston Beer Exchange, a small beer store with craft bottled beer and rotating draft beers.  You won’t find Bud Light as an option.  It’s all hard-to-come-by beer that is poured into a growler for you to take home.  It’s on Exchange Street, not far from the waterfront.  They even get Abita on tap sometimes!


I’m starting to see growlers everywhere! I even saw some at a gas station on our road trip up to Charleston.  Last week, we got a Westbrook (made in Mount Pleasant) Citrus Ninja Exchange Double IPA.  It was very yummy, but Geoff and I both like Westbrook’s normal IPA better – it’s awesome.  Maybe the best IPA I’ve ever had.  The beer in the growlers has to be consumed in 2 days once opened before it goes bad.  No problem.  They have a Sweetwater Hefeweizen on tap right now – I think I’ll sneak over today and get some.  I’ll pretend it’s a surprise for Geoffrey, but it’s really so I can get Hefeweizen.  I love wheat and blonde beers.  He loves stout stout stout.

Last night, we went to Boone’s Bar for Trivia Night.  This is a restaurant/bar on King Street.  Food is good, but nothing to write home about.  They do have great specials.  On Trivia Night, it is half off wings.  Everyone who knows me and Geoffrey knows we love wings. LOVE.  The spicier, the better.  We even had wings at our wedding reception.  At Boone’s, we got the spiciest wings – Bucky’s Sleeping Inferno.  Very slow heat, but it was surprisingly nothing crazy.  We had tried The Hellfire burger from Boone’s, which featured that sauce, as well as lots of fresh jalapenos, and I ALMOST couldn’t finish my burger – that’s how hot it was.  It was a painful-to-eat burger, and it was deeeelicious. It also had a great flavor besides just being spicy.

Anywho, back to beer and trivia.  My cousin Ali and her boyfriend Patrick joined us for a pretty solid team.  No, we didn’t win, but I have hope for the future.  Ali is a big science/biology buff, Patrick knows a bunch of political and world issues stuff, and Geoff knows (almost exclusively) sports facts.  As for me, I know some random stuff that is completely useless.  In other words, I am rarely helpful to the team.


My knowledge is usually limited to food and…. I can’t think of anything else.  The only question even approaching this was: what are the ingredients in… a sex on the beach cocktail. LAME.  Otherwise, I was just the one who would determine which other teammate’s answer seemed most legit.  Sounds like me, yes?


This is Boone’s beer selection – very nice.  I had the Frothy Beard Zingbier Ginger Infused Ale.  Who comes UP with these names? Frothy Beard is a local Charleston brewing company.  This Ginger Ale was so yummy and unique.  You know how you mix ginger beer with hard liquor? This was like that but mixed with a dark ale instead of liquor.  It wasn’t light but there was a freshness to it from the ginger.  Mmmmm.  Now I want more beer.  Too bad it’s not even 10 am.


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