Our Little Home


This is our new home!  This little beauty is our first home.  It may test how much we really love one another as it is a little over 500 square feet.  But we are obsessed with it!!! It has exposed brick, a super quaint courtyard, and the most awesome location in Charleston.  We can walk (and have) to the market, King Street, the battery, Marion Square, and pretty much everywhere else in the historic downtown area.  We are right off of Colonial Lake, where we have already had a nice but awkward picnic – tables were invented for a reason.


I would invite everyone to come visit us and stay in our home, but you’d most likely be making a pallet in the bathtub. And yes, we have a bathtub.  You have no idea how hard it was to find a tiny (aka affordable) place downtown with a tub and not just a shower.  I am still a child who refuses to shower.  The furniture in our house currently consists of a bed.   When not eating out, we eat on the floor, again picnic-style.


Did I mention that we LOVE it???


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