Food in a Laundromat

There is the neatest little place a few blocks from our house called Persimmon Cafe.  I guess it’s not really a “restaurant” – it’s a cafe/laundromat.  Yes, that’s right.  A laundromat.  One side has washers and dryers and the other has a little cafe, with delicious sandwiches and soups.


It is right near the College of Charleston, so I guess it’s super convenient for college students.  Geoffrey joked that this place could be perfect for me, as the only thing that would get me to wash clothes is food.  Now to the food…. Geoff and I shared two soups – tomato basil bisque and chipotle black bean – and an Adult Grilled Cheese.  The sammy had smoked gouda, cheddar, prosciutto, and thin slices of green apple. MMMMM.


Now, for the highlight of the trip.  This little place in my new town, a mere walk from my house, has…. ZAPPS chips!!  Those of you from Louisiana know these are the best chips in the universe.  Disclaimer: Geoffrey refers to me as a “homer.” As in, everything from home is better than anywhere else.  In my defense, many things from South Louisiana ARE better than anywhere else.  Case in point – Zapp’s Chips.


My only complaint was that this cafe did not have the best flavors of Zapp’s: Cajun Crawtators and Voodoo Gumbo.  I like to think these chips are so popular, even in Charleston, that these yummy flavors were simply sold out.  I also convinced myself to wait for my second visit to this place to demand the stocking of these flavors from the owners.

Speaking of Zapp’s, what happened to the Sour Cream and Creole Onion?!? These were also one of my favorite flavors.  The Zapp’s website shows a “Limited Edition” of “Sweet Creole Onion Potato Chips.”  No.  Some quick googling showed a facebook group whose mission is to demand the return of the yummy chips.

I admire causes like this.


Persimmon Cafe on Urbanspoon


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